Welcome! This website serves primarily as a reference guide for patients and for me - a repository of my personal thoughts and of many useful resources, documents, and references from all across the internet. I often direct patients to the resources herein, and I hope you find the site useful. Feel free to explore.

Clinically, I regret to announce that I am at full capacity and am not currently taking new patients.


I am extremely excited to announce the recent launch of a new healthspan and longevity curriculum, called Vitalis, which is available to anyone. Vitalis ( is an in-depth online curriculum that teaches you how to improve your healthspan (which is basically how long you stay functional), your longevity (which is how long you live), and your well-being (your current state of health). It includes over 60 videos on wide-ranging healthspan content, and leverages adult learning theory to make the content stick. I hope you find it valuable.

Questions? E-mail me at jonathan[at]lis[dot]doctor
(Absolutely no clinical questions will be answered)

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