Welcome! This website serves primarily as a reference guide for patients and for me - a repository of my personal thoughts and of many useful resources, documents, and references from all across the internet. I often direct patients to the resources herein, and I hope you find the site useful. Feel free to explore.

Clinically, I regret to announce that I am at full capacity and am not currently taking new patients.

I am, however, excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new healthspan and longevity curriculum, called Vitalis, which will be available to anyone. Vitalis ( is an in-depth online curriculum that teaches you how to improve your healthspan (which is basically how long you stay functional), your longevity (which is how long you live), and your well-being (your current state of health). I've partnered with some really smart people to make it happen. We're due to launch July 1 2024, so make sure you add yourself to the waitlist!

The launch of Vitalis will hopefully be followed by some changes to the clinical practice that allow interested patients to really dive into the healthspan and longevity sphere.

Questions? E-mail me at jonathan[at]lis[dot]doctor
(Absolutely no clinical questions will be answered)

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